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Process of Window Tinting Fixation on Car Window

If you ever wonder how your trusted dealers or installers fixate tints to your car windows, this read will provide you with all the details you need. Who knows- you may as well, opt for a full time job as a professional window tint installer after this. 


Step 1: Pre-Check Surrounding


The privilege of having a professional installer to fixate the window tints is the availability of a dust-free, squeaky clean indoor garage, in which the procedure takes place. The most optimal external condition for window tinting process is in a well-lit, shaded location with air temperature between 4.4 and 36.7 degrees Celsius. The interior of the car, including the seats, floor and roof are well-cleaned and vacuumed, to eliminate dust and dirt from flying onto the windows. The outsides of the window are also cleaned before the film are matched to its surface for cutting.


Step 2: Cleaning and Prepping


The cleaning of the insides of the window is the most crucial step of the entire process. Before cleaning, anything that is in contact with the glass surface is removed, whether it’s the felt liner, side panel, rear deck or third brake light. Full access to  the inside of the entire window allows it to be properly cleaned with soapy water. However, liquid sprays and foams are mostly avoided as both may contain silicones. The corners of the side windows are likened to blind spots for dust and grime. So, these parts are focused on as well. Razor blade is used to remove any residue, dirt or grime that may have been sticking on the surface. 

After spraying the soap water off, a rubber squeegee is used to remove any excess water and a hard cloth is used to dry off the windows. 


Step 3: Measuring and Cutting


For pre-cut window films, this step is not relevant. But for master rolls the film is aligned to the outside of the windows and cut to its shape accordingly. The cutting may be done using computerized or automated machines with high precision. This process involves selecting the accurate size of the window that is stored in the database and operating the stencil accordingly, before sending cutting instructions to the machine. However, for classic car models, it is necessary to cut the films by hand. The outside of the window is first sprayed with soapy water and the film is laid and aligned to the middle, with the adhesive side up. The film is then, trimmed to fit the measurements of the window. 


Step 4: Installing


The interior of the car windows are cleaned once again to ensure the best result of the process. The film are still attached to the external part of the window in the previous step. So, the liner is partially removed and the adhesive is sprayed with soap water to ensure the film could slide on easily. The inside of the 1/2 inch rolled-down window is laid with the film and aligned to the top. When the film is in place, it is pushed firmly onto the glass using a squeegee in even strokes. Ample lubrication is essential for the smooth application of the film and to remove any air bubbles from under the film. The corners and edges of the window are attended to as well. More pressure is applied until the film firmly adheres without any wrinkles, bubbles or gaps around the edges. The newly tinted windows are allowed to rest for 48 hours before being able to rolled down or washed. 


Now that you are aware of the process that takes place to tint your car windows, you could be rest assured that your car is taken good care of. Just make sure the installers that you patronize are certified professionals, with credible testimonials. 

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